Upstate Adventurers League

Ah, the great outdoors
A goblin roasts, a halfblood ogre is brought to tears

A recently gathered group leaves the shelter of Red Larch for the high wilderness of Dessarin Valley. In high spirits, the party finds an unlikely pair of bandits arguing a point. The small, smelly one cooks from the inside. The larger, smellier one loses his sole friend and laments his fate.

Our adventurers debate what exactly that fate will be …

Adventure awaits
There's never a good time for bagpipes

Ancient evil awakens beneath the Sumber Hills. The town of Red Larch affords weary travelers respite from the road and serves as the confluence of the paths of six wanderers. A shady lightfoot seeks a safe place to lie low. A young wizard searches for the pieces of a pyromaniacal puzzle. A mysterious minstrel on a mission to share the glory of bagpipes, two shattered eardrums at a time. A sailing ship’s chaplain finds the words to the eulogies for her shipmates. A tall man has an ax to grind with his former compatriots. A Waterdhavian noble quests to return a lost sheep to her fold.

Will this motley group take up the mantle of true adventurers or will they end up another shallow grave or pile of bones bleaching in Dessarin Valley?

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